Wonderful word on WIFI: State to chip in

     The state’s Board of Museums and History voted on March 12 to contribute $1,500 to the Friends project to install public WIFI on the Las Vegas museum’s public floor, which includes the galleries, meeting rooms, library and gift shop.
     With the state’s portion, the Friends will spend only about $2,000, even though members voted 22-1 on Feb. 15 to spend up to $3,500 for WIFI.
     The WIFI system will allow museum visitors to post selfies or other photos on social media – in real time, and for free rather than using their phone data – while they’re still onsite and excited about their museum experience. That’s a form of free advertising that will expand the museum’s reach.
     WIFI will also make leasing of the museum’s special-events room more attractive for business meetings or social events such as weddings.
     A linchpin in the WIFI proposal is the participation of Hyper Networks, a local communications tech company. It has offered to cover half the cost of the equipment needed, do the installation for free, maintain the system for free for three years, and cover half the cost of Internet access.
     We are grateful for all the individuals who donated money, raffle prizes or snacks to bring this amenity to the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas.