March 15, 2018 Meeting

Donate new or gently used handbags for auction

     At our March 15 general meeting  you can start bringing any ladies’ purses that you want to contribute toward a tea time and silent auction of handbags that the Friends will hold 2-4 p.m. on June 23 at the museum.
     The event will  include a presentation on the history of handbags, along with a display of some of the historical handbags in the museum’s collections. Guests are encouraged to wear hats, tiaras or fascinators.
     Refreshments will include tea and sparkling wine.
     A prize will go to the attendee with the best headgear.

Botany is headliner at our March 15 meeting

     “Discovering Butterfly Host Plants” is the theme of the talk that museum curator Sali Underwood will give on March 15 at our general meeting. She will explain how she and the volunteers she has trained are sorting through thousands of old, pressed plants (some were pressed more than 30 years ago) to create a digital database that aims to link each plant species with the moth or butterfly species it hosts.
     She’ll also explain the scientific value of this time-consuming project.
     Then we will present proclamations of thanks to several scientists, instructors and researchers who are active in Nevada botany.