Claytee White Speaks to Friends

image of claytee white
Claytee White, director of the Oral History Research Center on May 17, 2012. / UNLV Photo Services / R. Marsh Starks Client: Georgina Corbalan / Libraries

On Thursday, March 18, the Friends members were treated to a discussion by Ms. Claytee White on the history of Black settlement and activities in Las Vegas from 1905 to 1971. Ms. White, the Director of the Oral History Research Center at UNLV, is a noted American Historian, used anecdotes and personal interviews/research to make the discussion very relevant and personal to all attendees. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the discussion and certainly heard some dramatic and eye-opening history that is food for thought for all of us. ,

The Friends thanks go to Ms. White for her informal but informative talk and for sharing her time with the Friends. It was our pleasure to listen! THANK YOU CLAYTEE!