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Join The Friends in Our "Stuff-A-Truck" Donation Fundraiser

by Joan Whitely

Autumn is a great time to declutter the house - you can sort belongings as you switch from summer to winter mode. Also, it’s ideal timing to get your home ready for the fall and winter holidays.

But don’t trash things that can be repurposed by other people. Instead, donate them to the Friends, who will turn your discards into cash to support the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas.

In keeping with the fund-raising part of the Friends mission, we will accept used goods in the Springs Preserve’s upper parking lot, near the state museum, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Oct. 5, which is a Saturday.

After 3 p.m. that day, we’ll drive all items by rented truck to the nearest Savers thrift store, where its employees will weigh what we’ve collected, and then pay us by the pound. According to our Savers liaison, a group can easily raise $1,000 in one day through the Stuff-a-Truck program.

All donated goods must be usable or wearable. So please eliminate any item that’s stained, torn, worn out, missing parts or broken.

The Savers chain offers this money-making opportunity for used goods in select categories: hard and soft goods.

All household items must be packed either into white drawstring waste-basket-size bags, large black trash bags, or medium-size cardboard boxes. If an item’s too large to fit into one of those containers, the Friends do not want the item because Savers will not pay us for it.

Items allowed and not allowed in Stuff-A-Truck

Examples of worthwhile soft goods to donate are: clothes, shoes, coats, socks, purses, carry bags, backpacks, belts, gloves, hats, scarves, towels, bed linens, tablecloths, curtains or jewelry. The Friends receive 20 cents per pound for eligible soft goods.

Examples of worthwhile hard goods are: hand tools, small appliances (popcorn popper, coffee maker, blender, etc.), silverware, dishes, glasses, mugs, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, toys, games, puzzles, hand tools, knick-knacks, holiday decorations, yard decor items, luggage. In this category, we will earn 10 cents per pound.

Please do NOT bring: books, media (videotapes, vinyl records, DVDs or CDs), large appliances, bicycles, lawn mowers, mattresses, furniture or baby gear including high chairs, cribs, playpens or car seats. Some items are forbidden for safety or hygiene reasons. The other items earn us either zero, or such a low reimbursement - for example, 5 cents per single piece of furniture - that it’s not worth our while to give them valuable truck space.

By Oct. 5 the weather should be balmy and comfortable, so you can also serve the Friends by volunteering that Saturday for an outdoor shift during the drop-off period from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or the delivery phase from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please sign up online.

Come Visit the NSMLV's "Latin Legends" Exhibit

latin legends logo

Latin Legends, a showcase of Latin performers in Las Vegas, opened at Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas on August 17. The exhibit is a collaboration between the Las Vegas News Bureau, the museum, and the Friends of NSMLV. It honors Hispanic Heritage Month which runs from September 15 – October 15. Hispanic Heritage month recognizes the important presence and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States.

latin legends image
A photo from the Latin Legends Exhibit

The News Bureau provided photographs of performers for the Latin Legends exhibit. The photos are hanging in the Special Events Hall. Portraits of performers from the early years of the Las Vegas Strip to the present are on display. Photo labels are in English and Spanish. The labels were designed by Jorge Llontop Minan. He is a former museum intern, now a graphic arts professional in Las Vegas. Kim Ruesga a museum volunteer, translated the labels to Spanish.

Carmen Beals, the Friends Outreach Director, led the project. Working with Kelli Luchs of the News Bureau; Wes Southerland, Sarah Hulme, and other NSMLV staff, Carmen helped develop the exhibit content and hosted the opening event. The exhibit opening included a ribbon-cutting by Dennis McBride, NSMLV director.

Meet Michael Fong, Our Graphics Design Connection from UNLV

The Friends of the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas (NSMLV) have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Michael Fong, to create the first Graphic Design collaboration with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Michael Fong, a first generation American, was born and raised in Las Vegas. He graduated from the Clark High School AMSAT Magnet Program in 2006. Michael naturally enrolled at UNLV with the help of some scholarships and incentives from high school, completing his graduate career and first teaching position locally. A 2012 Alumna, he graduated with a degree in both graphics design and sculpture, and then attended Syracuse University for his Master’s Degree in Sculpture in 2015. He joined the faculty of UNLV in 2017 as an assistant professor in graphic design, and in 2018 also became the assistant chair of the Art Department.

During his time as a student at UNLV, although there weren’t many opportunities, Michael was really interested in collaborations with organizations outside of the University. Since joining the faculty, he has been able to jumpstart the internship program to connect with the graphic design community of Las Vegas. The Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas was fortunate to be the first collaboration last year, 2019, with four interns (with honorariums provided by The Friends). The program continues this year with “The Regents Service Grant” which will provide one intern each semester for 20 hours per week. First semester intern, Shelby Goodwin, will be working on communications materials and projects for The Friends and NSMLV.

latin legends image
Michael Fong

As a lifelong learner, Michael shared that he “carries the foundation of mathematics and technology throughout his life and work. He loves working digitally with CAD software and using proportions in design and sculpture. While graphic design is intensely conceptual in execution, its purpose of form and function translates beautifully to his work in sculpture. He therefore tries to bring a lot of the material and physicality of objects into his design work.” It is evident, that his students admire his talent and learn a great deal in his tutelage. His enthusiasm is infectious and allows for excellent student/teacher/mentor/work relationships which has resulted in a highly successful partnership here at NSMLV.

Finally, when asked about his personal goals, Michael shared: “Looking back, the arts culture in Vegas has always been different from other cities, and growing up in one of the most visually dense areas of the United States really influences more than you think. Las Vegas has such an interesting position as a major city. I would really look forward to the growth of more experimental and collaborative spaces in the arts and industry. As the arts begin to grow and develop, I really hope to be part of the community of artists that emerge from this peculiar yet fascinating city. I would really love to see Las Vegas become an art destination.”

The Friends are hopeful to continue collaborating with Michael and UNLV’s Graphic Design Department. We too look forward to sharing in Michael’s vision of artistic growth in Las Vegas.

All events held at the museum and are free with paid admission or membership. No registration required unless otherwise noted. Friends general meetings are the 3rd Thurs. of month. The museum is at 309 S. Valley View Blvd., inside Springs Preserve, LV 89107
Sat Sept 14 2-4pm What Can Nevada Extract from Cannabis? The legalized marijuana industry in Nevada is new. What can our state expect in terms of entrepreneurship, tax revenues, pain relief, and recreational use? Hear a panel of business, health, and other experts discuss Nevada"s cannabis industry and its impacts moderated by Jon Ralston. Museum event
Thu Sept 19 6-8pm Friends General Meeting Kish LaPierre, an archaeologist who works at Nellis Air Force Base, will talk about Nevada rock art. Friends event
Sat Sept 21 9:00am-12:00pm Fossil Factory for Families At Fossil Factory, children will learn how fossils form. They'll touch fossils, make an amber fossil "model," and study the ichthyosaur, which is Nevada's gigantic state fossil. Museum event
Sat Sept 28 12:30pm-3pm Smokey Bear Lecture In honor of the fire prevention bear's 75th birthday in 2019, a speaker will discuss Smokey's origin and evolution, as well as address how wildfire prevention works in Southern Nevada. Museum event
Sat Oct 5 9am-5pm Stuff a Truck fundraiser Friends will collect donations of re-usable used goods in upper parking lot at Springs, then truck to Savers, to be paid a fee based on the poundage of the donations. (All donations must fit in a box or bag – No bicycles, furniture, appliances, baby gear such as car seats or high chairs, etc.) Collections end 3 p.m., but volunteers needed until 5 p.m. Friends event

To see the complete schedule for the year, please go to our Events page.

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