July Members Meeting

Join the Friends at our monthly meeting on Thursday, July 18, at 2:30pm in the Events center at the Nevada State Museum, located AT 309 S. Vally View Blvd. Doors open at 2 pm. All friends, visitors, and the public are invited. There is no cost or obligation.

This month’s presenter will be TIFFANY PEREIRA, head of the Conservation Ecology Lab at the Desert Research Institute. Tiffany is a research scientist specializing in the flora and fauna of the Desert Southwest. She has published numerous technical reports and journal articles    Her basic research focuses on seed ecology, soil seed banks, and rare plant habitat restoration. As both a researcher and an artist, she believes that science and art do not exist on separate planes, polarized by different processes.

She incorporates art into her research and provides design and illustration work for scientific communication to organizations. She has combined these two worlds from a young age, striking the perfect balance of creativity and science.

The presentation promises to be interesting from many viewpoints, with a deep look into the ecology of the flora and fauna of our home area. Join us for a stimulating afternoon!