March Members Meeting

Bugs Bugs Bugs!

Join us at the next Friends meeting on March 21 to learn more about the bugs in Southern Nevada and how they affect your health! We will be joined by Drs’ Louisa Messenger and Chad Cross (pictured) from the UNLV School of Public Health in a discussion on their work in understanding disease ecology in the Desert Southwest. The presentation will provide an overview of new and exciting research in the Parasitology and Vector Biology (PARAVEC) Laboratory at UNLV. Louisa and Chad will discuss several examples of medically important insect vectors in Southern Nevada and how they are using classical and modern methods for conducting fieldwork, understanding disease ecology in the Desert Southwest, and addressing the growing concern of vector-borne diseases.
I’ m sure most reading this note have little idea of what the preceding paragraph means, except that it involves bugs. JOIN US AND LEARN! See what kind of work Louisa and Chad are doing behind the scenes to understand how insects are affecting our daily lives, and what they are doing that could affect our future activities.

The meeting starts promptly at 2:30 pm with doors opening at 2 pm. There is no admission fee, and ALL ARE WELCOME! The meeting will be held in the event room at the Nevada State Museum at 309 S. Valley View Blvd. See you there!