Summer Fundraiser

It is time again for the annual summer fundraising event by the Friends of Nevada State Museum Las Vegas.  The campaign will officially kick-off on August 15.  As in the past, this campaign is aimed at a specific item to enhance the museum’s mission to serve the public.  You have been very generous over the past three years.  Your gifts have allowed us to do the following:

  • 2020: Purchase Six new Taxidermy animals that were native to Nevada, ranging from a porcupine to a black bear.  The animals are on display in the gallery.
  • 2021:  Purchase Eight museum quality Mannequins so that the museum can properly and safely exhibit some of the many clothing items in their collection.  Three of the mannequins are on display in the lobby displaying period dresses.
  • 2022:  Purchase a large document/map scanner which allows the museum to scan historical documents that are in a fragile condition, then providing these copies to the various researchers that frequent the museum’s library.   The scanner is in the library and used daily. 

Each of the items listed above cost the Friends $9,000 to $11,000.  Donors have been kind enough during the last three campaigns to provide most of the funds and the Friends have covered the difference from our general fund.

This year is no different.  Our fundraising goal is $9,750.  The money will be used to purchase an early Rio Grande Blanket, all in Light Indigo Blue.  Details of the blanket are:

  • Origin:  Produced in Spanish Colonial New Mexico
  • Date:  1860’s or earlier
  • Material:  Wool
  • Size:  89” by 52”
  • Please see attached picture.

The museum desires the blanket for several reasons:

  1. In 2024, the museum will open a new original exhibit,  “The Spanish Trail: Connecting a Network of Paths”.  Las Vegas was  a major stop on the trail.
  2. Since the Rio Grande blankets were used and traded along the trail, a blanket is a fitting item to be part of the exhibit.
  3. The blanket would fill a gap in the museum’s collections.
  4. The blanket would also increase the diversity of collections 

Blanket description:  This is a rare early Rio Grande blanket with an unusual amount of blue coloring with a very light indigo blue.  The blanket is all original with no restoration.  The blanket is woven in two parts and seamed up the center.  The blanket style seems to indicate weaving by a Navajo.  The original price was $11,500, negotiated down for the Friends to $9,750.

Your contribution to this campaign and continued support of the Friends is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

Jim Parish, President.

Donate by check sent to:
Friends of NSMLV
309 |S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV  89107