July Meeting

The Friends July meeting was held on the 20th at the museum. The speaker was Lauren MacLeod from the Department of Wildlife. Lauren’s presentation dove into the unique adaptations, ecological significance, and conservation challenges faced by these desert dwellers. She brought two cold-blooded special guests for members to handle in order to gain firsthand insight about these often-misunderstood animals. Thank you Lauren for a great presentation!

Details of the business meeting are:

  1. Hollis announced that the museum had hired a new curator of Natural History and a new maintenance person. Hollis also thanked the Friends for their contribution to the Liberace opening night event.
  2. The Friends have $38,847 in checking and $5,006 in savings.
  3. We were notified by the county that we had been awarded a $20,000 grant for the 2023/2024 year.
  4. The Red Rock Canyon bus tour for members was successful. Nineteen members attended. Although everything didn’t go as planned, it was a beautiful day and Nick did a great job informing us all about the canyon. Thank you Nick!
  5. Our tea sets have been donated to the Mesquite Club.
  6. At the last members meeting, the members voted to purchase the painting of the Las Vegas Valley area during the Ice Age for $1,000 and donate it to the museum. This is underway.
  7. Future speakers will be:
    • September: Dawn Reynosa, Park Interpreter of new Ice Age Fossils Museum
    • October: Garrett Wake, Nevada Division of Minerals
    • November: Fred Woods, Professor BYU on Latter Day Saints of Las Vegas
  8. The Friends of the Old Mormon Fort are selling Legacy Bricks for the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park. Please see their web site for details.
  9. The Museum will host a table at the Springs Preserve Nevada Day celebration on October 27. The Friends are looking for volunteers to help staff the table, and to dress up for Nevada Day and be spotted through-out the museum to talk to visitors.
  10. The Friends summer fund raising campaign will begin in August and will have a goal of $9,750. The funds are need to purchase a historical Rio Grande blanket used on the Spanish Trail (which will be an exhibition starting in January 2024). The blanket was produced in the New Mexico area prior to 1860. The blanket is 89″ x 52″ , made of wool, and will be a prominent add to the upcoming exhibit.
  11. There will be no meeting in August. The next Friends meeting will be September 21.