April Meeting

Thank you to the 35 members and guests who attended the Friends members’ meeting on April 20. We had a great speaker, Dr, Christopher MacMahon, Director of the Nevada State Railroad Museum Boulder City. Christopher’s presentation on the internationalism involved with the transcontinental railroad was very informative and interesting, and enjoyed by all. The number of questions reflected the audience’s interest.

Business details of the meeting were:

  1. March and April meeting minutes were approved.
  2. Hollis introduced the new museum staff:
    1. Janelle Wilson-Exhibits Preparer
    2. Melanie Coffee – Registrar/Collections Manager
    3. Jordan Canal- Curator of Learning & Community Engagement
  3. The Friends financial status is:
    1. Savings – $5,005
    2. Checking – $26,516
  4. Old Business:
    1. Name tags were distributed to attendees d. The board approved $300 for the purchase of a new projector.
    2. The Giving Tree is active – thanks to those who participate
    3. The members will be taking a bus tour of Red Rock Canyon on June 19, hosted by Nick Saines. Please sign up if interested.
  5. New business:
    1. The members approved $1,500 to move the Liberace piano to and from the museum for the new exhibit opening on June 23.
    2. Our next Book Fair is on May 13 at the Rainbow Barnes & Noble site.
  6. Our next meeting is May 18. Our speaker will be Samantha Szesciorka, Marketing Specialist from Nevada Department of Tourism. Samantha will speak on her Travel Nevada initiative.


SPEAKER: Christopher MacMahon, Director of the Nevada State Railroad Museum Boulder City.

WHERE: Nevada /state Museum Las Vegas

WHEN: Thursday, April 20 at 2:30 pm. Doors open at 2 pm.

TOPIC: In May 1869, a golden Spike was driven at Promontory Summit, Utah, completing the Transcontinental Railroad. Americans looked back in awe at the momentous undertaking they had just completed, yet it took a global market to make it happen. This program will explore the technologies, supply chains, and immigrants that made the Pacific Railway possible. Join the Friends to hear Christopher’s presentation – it is sure to be interesting and informative.