OAG Grant Successful!

Over the past three years, the Friends of NSMLV have successfully applied for and received grants (called OAG grants) from Clark County. These grants have been primarily used to support the museum’s Traveling Trunk program. The grant money has been used to:

  1. Design and build new trunks ($800 per trunks), expanding our portfolio to 29 trunks
  2. Purchase and install storage racks for the trunks
  3. Implement an online subscription system which allows teachers to directly schedule their own trunks, greatly reducing work for the museum staff ($700/year)
  4. Pay for transporting trunks to and from the schools making use of them ($10,00-15,00/year depending on usage). In 2021/2022, about 18,000 students participated in the Trunk program.

The popularity of the trunks (now branded as “Museum in a Box”) has grown rapidly, with both teachers and students. We expect the trunks to reach over 20,000 students in the 2022/2023 school year. Because of their popularity and increased demand, the Friends requested a grant of $17,500 (our largest request ever) for the upcoming year.

On July 29, we were notified that we had been awarded a grant of $17,500.